Podcast: The B.S. Report

There are many different podcasts out there on the internet but it is my belief that ESPN consistently puts out the most well-produced and interesting sports podcasts that gives a different perspective than their radio and T.V. shows such as SportsCenter. My personal favorite out of their suite of podcasts is The B.S. Report, featuring the sportswriter and journalist Bill Simmons. It is generally produced weekly covers all the sports of the weeks as well as going off-topic on ramblings on various celebrities, news in the world, movies, t.v. shows, and pop culture in general. Many times he has guests that recur on the show such as the clip I chose here with the comedian Cousin Sal. He has had other entertainers, athletes, sports writers, and personalities on the show in the past as well. There is no real structure to the show as te host tends to discuss subjects that he wants to which many times lead to him talking about his love and at times disgust for his Boston area teams. In the clip below he discusses the outcomes of the games on Sunday for the NFL as well as how he won his gambling bet with three tams. It gives you an idea of the kind of flavor he brings to the show. It isn’t just a dry radio host giving you information; he gives you an interesting and often times humorous view on the world of sports. His words can sometimes be controversial but he does not bite his tongue and says what’s on his mind which is why he has become so popular. I recommend this podcast for anyone who is interested in sports but gets tired with the boring ways that it has been covered by the media and are looking for something fresh. There is a reason why it is always near the top of the overall iTunes list for podcasts and now is as good a time as any to find out why.


How To Podcast

When you decide that you want to create your own podcast there are a number of steps that need to be followed. First, I would say that you need to be committed and stick with it. I would say on average that you should post a new podcast around once a week. Before you actually record yourself it is good to have a general idea and plan on what it is you are talking about. Before you turn on the mic you should´nt have a word for word script but you should have an outline on what you´re going to say. You should decide the topic and format and how long you generally want it to be. This will give you a focus that will help you to gain more listeners. Then you need to create the podcast. Nowadays there are many different audio programs you can use that allow you to record your voice and edit it with just your computer. One of the best programs to use is Audacity. Afterwards, you have to decide which way you want to upload it to the internet so that people can subscribe to it and download it. There are many services such as Soundcloud and blip.tv that allow you to upload mp3 files and share it with others. It is important to come up with a name for your podcast that catches the attention of people. Also, when uploading your podcast make sure to create an ID3 tag, which can be done in Audacity, so that you can put the information of your podcast there. The final step is for you to do some self-promotion of your podcast through any and all channels you can. Whether it´s your Twitter, Facebook, website forums, it is important that you draw attention and get people noticing your work. Once you follow all of these steps you will become a podcast-making expert.


Podcasting is a fairly new idea in the realm of web 2.0 that has revolutionized the way we listen to and watch our favorite shows. In the spirit of everything 2.0 podcasts allow the user to choose what they want to watch, when they want to watch it, and where because you can take it with you on a any one of your portable devices. There are a variety of different podcasts out there from comedy to music to how-to shows. Many websites and radio shows now have their own podcasts to add additional content for viewers who want something extra. The key feature of podcasts is that you can subscribe to them through RSS feeds or other ways that can download them to your iTunes directly once a new show is released. Podcasting has almost allowed people to make their own radio stations for themselves. Before when you turned on the radio you had to listen to whatever was on at the time. Now, you can edit your own podcast together bringing in parts of your favorite shows such as sports, politics, world news, and so forth and you don’t need to rely on your own radio dial. It is also another way for the average joe to get their voice out and create their own type of radio show with friends or by themselves and distribute it to the world very easily. If you are good enough, you can gain a following and become famous on the internet through your podcast. It is a great and new way to make a living through the power of technology. The greatest podcasts are those that give us new and original content and not just re-purposed information that can be found on a radio show or website. They can give us new insight into topics on the world or be shows that are there to entertain us with humor. Whatever you wish to listen to it is all at your fingertips due to the power of podcasting.

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