Are Corporate Blogs Good Or Bad?

In the age of information that we live in now everybody is always trying to be in constant contact with each other. That philosophy is no different to a huge corporation that now realize they have to be engaged with their consumer base in order to stay at the top. One of the ways that companies now try to stay in touch with their audience and get feedback is through corporate blogs. Some companies try to have different employees give their accounts on what is going on and others have a general blog for the company that informs people on changes being made, addresses problems, and lets people see what is on the horizon. In some ways these blogs can feel less than genuine as it can seem like the company is being fake in order to have more supporters of a product. To me, it works best if you have various employees writing on what is on their mind that is less academic and can give the audience a sense of transparency and make a huge billion dollar corporation a little bit down to earth. I believe it´s important for companies to always have a sense of constant communication with the people who support them. You want to feel to these people that you care so you can have that dialogue with a specific customer in the comments section. Before the world of web 2.0 people felt completely distant from these monolithic corporations that were seen as only interested in your money. Now, you can build a strong positive brand image by connecting with the people in an honest way through corporate blogs. Nowadays, the market is so competitive and everyone has a choice in everything. One of the top ways to build up a big consumer base is to have a strong presence on the web whether through a corporate blog or through social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. In the end, the blog helps the relationship between consumer and producer as well as keeping the corporation on their toes and always delivering the best products.