The New Wave Of Citizen Journalism

The concept behind citizen journalism is that anyone, regardless of your academic background, can benefit from what current technology allows us to do and with the quick way in which the internet disperses information all over the world can create some type o journalistic media. Examples of videos that people who were in the right place at the right time to capture important and unique footage  are in the video above. But citizen journalism could be a blog as well that covers topics that are important to your local community. Now because of the ease of access of digital cameras and smartphones the average person can make their own news and put it on the internet for a global audience which was once only possible by large news corporations. Of course with everything there is a bit of controversy surrounding the term of “citizen journalism”. Many professionals believe that you need a certain amount of teaching about the ways of journalism and the ethics involved to truly call yourself a journalist. While this is true I think that everyone should have a part of the discussion when it comes to news. There is no single voice that has all the answers or insights into a specific issue or topic. Citizen journalism has allowed for a wider and more varied range of coverage in the news and has made the big news companies stay on their toes and be honest. When you turn on CNN many times you see a handheld amateur video from someone in the field. It has allowed us to evolve and give everyone a voice which is what the 2.0 world we live in allows.