Shyne Airs Out Rick Ross, Reps His Jewish Heritage

The other day Shyne called into Hot 97’s Cipha and Rosenberg show to discuss his thoughts on the new Rick Ross mixtape The Black Bar Mitzvah after going on a rant on his Twitter account. As you can see the cover of the mixtape features Ross’ face in the middle of the Star of David. Shyne takes offense to this and sees it as a sign of disrespect to his faith. He at times comes across as the typical “mad rapper” whose career is pretty much over and is mad at the dude whose making all the moves in the industry. However, he does bring up some valid points concerning Rick Ross as a rapper whose music is highly fabricated. It is widely known that he served as a corrections officer in Florida prior to his rap career taking off. This brings up the dilemma of what we expect from our rappers.

Rick Ross is clearly a character that William Leonard Roberts II is playing out through his music, but is the quality so good that we can just see it as entertainment and choose to look past it? It’s a question that I have often asked myself. I do think Ross is a talented MC who has a great ear for beats and knows how to use his voice and cadence to deliver hard-hitting songs. But I always just look at him as a joke like M.C. Gusto from the movie CB4. Ultimately, I decided I would listen to his music but never buy any of his albums or go to his shows to support him with my money. Obviously, Cipha and Rosenberg take the side of Ross because he is such a huge presence on the radio and they need that money coming in rather than the dude who isn’t making any noise on radio at all.

I appreciate Shyne for stepping up and calling out Ross because it seems people brush over the fact that Ross is a fake and just accept his music for what it is at this point. I don’t think the hip-hop community should forget that and I think more importantly Ross needs to be aware of it. It’s as if he’s so consumed by this character he is portraying he has become them. It’s just like method acting where an actor completely becomes the role he is playing in order to give the allusion of the performance. I just thought the cover and name of the mixtape were a shout out to all his brand new Illuminati business partners.


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