New Music: Young Jeezy ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss “OJ”

Young Jizzle drops this scorching new track to get people hyped from his oft-delayed forthcoming album TM 103: Hustlerz Ambition set to drop on December 20th. He hooks up with two of New York’s hottest MC’s Jadakiss and Fabolous for a seemingly odd tribute to O.J. Simpson but is really just about cocaine because really what else would you expect from Jeezy. The self proclaimed Snowman has built his repertoire on being a hustler since as he puts it he’s not a rapper. Backed by a hard-hitting beat from frequent Jeezy collaborator Lil Lody each rapper displays how they maneuver with their white chick aka cocaine. Listening to the leaks coming out from TM 103 I am a lot more optimistic than I was before. This album has been delayed at least a handful of times over the past two years and for a minute I thought it would be the new Detox that would never come out. Def Jam seemed to be playing games with Jeezy and it is true that he is not like many industry rappers because for him he has to get in the mindset of back to the days when he was really living that drug-dealing life. He needed to be surrounded by that again in order to be inspired to go out and make more music because ultimately those are the people that Jeezy really speaks to through his music. I have a feeling that all of that time will have paid off but we’ll all know in just a week if it was all worth it.


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