Catalunya Radio Visit

For one of our classes we took a field trip to Catalunya Radio, the top radio station for all of Catalunya located in Barcelona. Our professor works there so we got a chance to get a tour and see how it all works. While being there I started to think about how the radio fits into our 2.0 world. How does the radio continue to survive when you can get your information so much quicker and you have the choice to select which news or music you want to hear. If you look at the iPod it has changed how we get our music. The newest music is now almost always released on the internet first before you can hear it on the radio. To me, I think the radio is generally listened to by older people who have a longer commute to work and don´t really use technology like the iPod. But you can see the way radio has tried to adapt to our Web 2.0 way of thinking. Many different radio stations such as Catalunya Radio have presences on various social networks like Facebook and Twitter. They use their website and these other avenues to get in touch with their audience and have a constant conversation with them. The problem becomes when you have too many ways to get in touch and everything gets scattered all over the place. Our professor was telling us that it was a problem for Catalunya Radio because they had to tell everyone so many different options to get in contact with them. It was important to find a centralized way in which to relieve and respond to messages from viewers. That is one issue sometimes with this information age that we live in: sometimes there can be too much noise and you can get overwhelmed with everything. It spreads everything out so there is not one place you can go. My solution to that would be to have all the complaints or comments be able to be directed to the main web site of the station. That is where people get the majority of their information from about the shows and different aspects of the station itself. This way they can get everything they could want to know about the station all in one place without being pulled in many directions.


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