Politics 2.0

It is clear in today’s world as a political candidate you need to reach the people in every avenue possible, which includes the internet. Politicians now use Twitter and other services in web 2.0 to get their message across and gain a following which will hopefully help them get elected in the long run. It is now one of the best ways to get your postion to the masses, especially younger people, because it is not as expensive as ads on television and there are more people that you can get their attention than one commercial at a certain time. Obama is the most recent and prominent example of how social networks and web 2.0 can help to get a candidate elected. He really captured the attention of the young generation and embraced the new technology unlike anyone before. His campaign has changed how everyone else from now on must promote themselves in politics. Now with the internet the people have a chance to influence campaigns and politics more than ever before. The power is now in the hands of the voter more so than ever. There is now more of a dialogue between the politicians and the people so the discussion allows for many sides to a story. I think the web 2.0 has helped us gain transparency with our politicians and allowed for a better understanding of what they do and the impact we can expect from them.


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