Multimedia Journalism

Multimedia storytelling involves the use of various types of media such as text, photos, video, and an amount of interactivity on a website that is presented in a nonlinear format. This means that each piece of different media complements each other and is not redundant information. You can also skip around to different areas of the story and not feel lost because it isn’t a linear progression. The user is allowed to choose how they want to view a story, giving them control which is a product of Web 2.0. These types of stories usually have much more depth into a topic and allow for a more immersive experience for the user. Multimedia storytelling helps to gain new perspectives on issues in a user-friendly way. Here are some of my favorite examples of great multimedia stories:

The Dragon Children talks about how chinese parents expect so much out of their children.

Unsung New Yorkers is about all of the individuals no one really thinks about who help to keep a huge city like New York running.

Reframing Mexico looks at Mexico City past all of the violence and gets to the heart of a community with strong values and pride.


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